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Joints Wellness Savings Kit
Save 15%

Kit designed to improve joint well-being; useful for cases of arthritis and osteoarthritis and bone decalcification.

Improves health, firmness and regeneration of skin and hair.

Promotes the natural function of bones, muscles and cartilage.

It supports the health of teeth, bones, skin and joints.

Antioxidant: Protects cellular structures from the effects of free radicals.

How to use the products in the Kit Well-being Joints

COLLOIDAL SILICON: 20 drops (2 ml) 3/4 times a day. Total per day: 60/80 drops per day. Hold under the tongue for 1 minute before swallowing .

VITAMIN C ROSEHIP: 3 capsules per day total: 1 before breakfast, 1 before lunch, 1 before dinner.

VITAMIN D SYRUP: 5 ml per day (equal to one measuring cup included) The product can be taken as it is or diluted in water or other beverage.

CURCUMIN CAPSULES: 2 capsules per day in total: 1 during lunch, 1 during dinner (take during main meals).


Our texts are for informational purposes, they are not intended as an indication of diagnosis and treatment of pathological states and are not intended to replace the opinion of the doctor in any way. Read the warnings on the label.

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