DSM® Liposomal Lipo Vitamin C 500 ml - No Alcohol - No Soy - Strawberry Flavor

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DSM® Vitamin C in Liposomes 500 ml
Formulation that increases absorption by releasing Vitamin C directly into the cells.

Contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.
Promotes the natural production of collagen.
Helps to keep skin, bones, blood vessels, circulatory system, teeth, gums, cartilage healthy.
Promotes the stability of the nervous system. reduces tiredness and the sense of fatigue.
Contrasts, allergies, states of weakness and physical decay.
Promotes the elimination of toxins and catabolites. Detox action.
Counteracts the harmful effects of smoking.
Contrasts the formation of free radicals.
Regulates intestinal transit.
Contrasts fever, colds, flu, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma.
Alcohol Free, Soy Free, Strawberry Flavour. Also suitable for children.
Vitamin C DSM® Made in Europe.
Every 5 ml Corresponds to 1 Gram of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Dsm ® in Liposomes: Properties and Efficacy

Lipo Vitamin C dsm ® Liposomal has the maximum permitted vitamin C content, equal to 1000 mg of vitamin C in 5 ml.

The salification of Vitamin C with sodium has the purpose of buffering the acidic pH of Vitamin C, improving its tolerability at the gastric level especially for subjects suffering from stomach hyperacidity.

Formulation: Dsm ® Vitamin C Liposome Syrup (Dsm=Produced in Europe)
500 ml with 5 ml measuring cup included
How to use
: The recommended dose is 5 ml (equal to one measuring cup included) per day. The product can be taken as it is or diluted in water or other beverage.

Warnings: Do not exceed the indicated daily dose. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking. Do not take in case of allergy to its constituents. Lipo Vitamin C Dsm® is not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a correct lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children.
Ingredients per daily dose (5ml=1 measuring cup): Sodium Ascorbate powder 880 mg (Vitamin C 978% NRV) of which sodium 96 mg (as Sodium L-Ascorbate); Sunflower lecithin 877 mg; L-Ascorbic acid powder 216 mg (Vitamin C 270% NRV); Vitamin E acetate 12 mg (100% NRV). Excipients: Water, vegetable glycerol, sorbitol, xanthan gum, sorbic acid, natural strawberry flavor.
Conservation instructions : Store away from light and in a cool, dry place. After opening, keep refrigerated
Important Notes: This is a non-industrial handmade product, made up of totally natural ingredients and is free from chemical stabilizers.
For this reason it may present variations in colour, flavor and density from one batch to another.
These differences do not affect the quality in any way and are an indication of the quality of the product.


Our texts are for informational purposes, they are not intended as an indication of diagnosis and treatment of pathological states and are not intended to replace the opinion of the doctor in any way. Read the warnings on the label.

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