All the Properties of Colloidal Silver

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is obtained from metal silver. It is a precious natural substance that has been used for centuries. Since the end of the 19th century, for sterilizations and as a local antiseptic even if in a different form from the more current one. Since the 1900s it has been used as a precursor to antibiotics, effective against infections, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites .


A substance useful for maintaining good health with antibacterial, antifungal, antibiotic and disinfectant properties and characteristics . In the book " Use of Colloidal in Health and Disease " Dr. Henry Crooks describes it as a highly antiviral substance, in laboratory tests he found that pathogens were killed within minutes and that there is no known microbe capable of living in contact with colloidal silver over six minutes. This statement was later reported everywhere.

Researcher Gary Smith reports that he has noticed a correlation between low levels of silver in the body and immunodeficiency diseases. Smith noticed that there were people with low levels of silver who were more exposed to colds, flu, fever. Smith's research supports colloidal silver as an important natural healing agent . Colloidal Silver has incredible therapeutic and antibacterial properties. In the twentieth century, it was customary to use silver in various ways: taken orally, for gargling, for intimate washing, applied to treat infections, sores, wounds, burns or simply to disinfect.

Despite its exceptional properties, it was forgotten until the early 1970s when Dr. Carl Moyer , President of the Washington Department of Surgery , received a grant to develop the best treatments for burns. He made long experiments that led to the rediscovery of the infinite properties of this substance capable of blocking the enzymes that allowed the survival of pathogens . Since then, there have been several studies in the dermatological field in the treatment of dermatitis, burns, warts, wounds, acne, eczema.

A well-known pioneer was Professor Becker , who described the various forms of use of this precious substance also useful for bronchitis, respiratory tract affections, rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis. True particle colloidal silver is a natural product, it is not patentable, it does not contain chemicals, it has no contraindications and it is non-toxic .


When you decide to use this product, it is important to get educated because, until a few years ago, real colloidal silver did not exist in Europe.

The companies produced a poor quality substance (ionic silver or improperly called ionic colloidal silver), always calling it Colloidal Silver.

A technically improper name with respect to the substance produced: ionic silver is a solution and not a dispersion. Ionic silver (the fake colloidal) is easy to produce, inexpensive, it contains only silver ions and a few metal particles which are the only ones that can give a certain effectiveness.

In ionic colloidal silver , the silver ions combine immediately with the chloride ions in our body, forming silver chloride, a useless substance for this purpose. Even today, most silver products are ionic silver products, even if it says "colloidal silver" on the label.

Santé Naturels - the best real colloidal silver in Europe

As the most expert connoisseurs know, only the True Particle Colloidal Silver has the known antibacterial, antifungal, antibiotic and disinfectant efficacy.

Real colloidal silver is capable of killing bacteria within minutes of contact with it. It has always been used to counteract important ailments. Only after some time, it was introduced in Italy by our company the " True " product, obtained with sophisticated patented technological methods.

The main characteristic to obtain a real colloidal silver is that it is particle and above all that the particle is as small as possible.

The particle of our colloidal silver measures only 0.62nm and Santé Naturels® publishes the analyses. The American Colloidal Science Laboratory , which analyzed European colloidal silver products, indicated us, on their website , as the first for quality.

To produce true particulate colloidal silver, major investments and industrial manufacturing processes are required. A regular product must follow all the technical and regulatory protocols, therefore its production must be done in an equipped and authorized laboratory.

All this confuses the consumer, so it is important that he becomes skilled at juggling information and that is why we thought about the book " Colloidal World - Colloidal Silver " Paper Edition. Today, with the introduction in Italy of the " Vero Colloidal Silver ", a new awareness and a new level of knowledge has been reached, for this reason Santé Naturels® suggests to inform yourself correctly about the properties, qualities, potential and uses of this precious substance , because now the true information is available to everyone.

The Santé Naturels ® product is non-toxic in the experimental conditions analyzed as shown by the scientific study of the Federico II University of Naples carried out in 2016.


There are 3 types of products sold on the market that everyone calls "Colloidal Silver", in reality, among the commercial products there are different types of colloidal silver, they are:

  1. True Colloidal Silver.
  2. Colloidal Silver Ionic.
  3. Silver Protein.

Many manufacturers improperly label their products as "colloidal silver", causing confusion for consumers as they are misled and confused by inappropriate terms.


Many products sold as colloidal silver fall into this category: ionic silver solution, commonly called " colloidal silver ionic ". In general, these products contain 90% dissolved silver ions and only 10% dispersed silver particles, it should be noted that: "it is the silver particles that determine the effectiveness".

A product of this type (“ ionic colloidal silver ”) has a remarkably low quality and consequently not very effective. Products with a high content of silver ions are generally obtained with a simple economic process of " electrotyping " or " electrolysis ".


This type of product represents the second in the scale of the most common and is normally found in pharmacies. It consists of silver and a protein binder. In some of these products the term "protein" appears but often it happens that this term is not even mentioned and the product is marketed simply as " Colloidal Silver ". Of the three types of silver, the proteinized one has the lowest surface area and is the least absorbable by the body, precisely because of this "surface treatment" which is the addition of proteins, usually in the form of gelatin, which makes the particle buoyant large which, in case of no protein treatment, would sink.


To be considered " true colloidal silver " it must have a prevalence of particles with respect to the ionic component. It is considered such, a product that has at least 51% of ultrafine particles of silver. Our product is approximately 80% particulate component and unlike ionic silver is non-toxic.

True colloidal silver is clear and transparent with a straw-yellow color tending towards brown the higher the concentration of ppm. In addition to the characteristics described above, it has the smallest particle size in the world, only 0.6213nm (nanometers) and all this makes it an extraordinarily effective product in its antibacterial properties. The qualitative characteristics and evident effectiveness have allowed this product to establish itself as the best-selling in Italy and the best in Europe.

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