Santé Naturels® has been operating for years in the sector of natural products for health and well-being. We are known for the production of True Colloidal Silver®, classified BEST IN EUROPE by the American Colloidal Science Laboratory.

Santé Naturels® has been present on the national and European market since 2012. Since then, we have been producing and distributing natural products in the field of personal well-being. Our product categories are:

✔️ Natural Supplements
✔️ Natural Cosmetics

We ship directly to the customer, at his home through sales on our online sites. Shipments are made every day in Italy and throughout Europe.

We work to maintain an efficient team that is always available to advise and provide the information they need.

Our general idea has always been to avoid chemicals as much as possible and always prefer ingredients that are as natural as possible.

In our formulations for all our products we do not use SLS, SLES, PEG, parabens, dyes, chemical preservatives, opacifiers, petroleum derivatives, texturizers, silicones and GMOs. Our products are never tested on animals.

As far as our colloidal products are concerned, with particular reference to colloidal silver, we are the only company in Italy to have important official public reviews, including

✔️Have the advantage of being ranked the best in Europe by the American Colloidal Science Laboratory;
✔️ To have the smallest particle ever produced in the world, only 0.62 nanometers in size;
✔️ The Federico II University of Naples has tested and carried out a study on our product;
✔️ Mdpi Pharmaceutical of Basel (Switzerland) has published a scientific publication on our true colloidal silver® (the only scientific publication in Italy);
✔️ Real Colloidal Silver® is a registered trademark of Santé Naturels®

All this classifies us as a point of reference in Italy and certainly the best qualitatively for colloidal silver.

In this regard, we would like to point out that most of the products on the market are not "True Colloidal Silver" at all, but, if all goes well, they are Ionic products, physically very different from the True Colloidal Silver.

Our headquarters are in Civitanova Marche where we also have a company shop, open to the public.

The production of our products takes place in our laboratory in Macerata through sophisticated manufacturing processes and precise technological criteria, in laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health in compliance with the hygiene protocols in force.

These strengths guarantee the creation of safe and effective products.

Riccardo and Simonetta are the founders of Santé Naturels® and welcome you, inviting you to subscribe to the newsletter to keep you informed on new offers or new topics in the world of nature.


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