AloeFibra promotes weight loss in a natural way. Colon health

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Aloe Fiber
..Take the fibers before meals to promote weight loss and colon health..

Natural supplement useful for colon regularization and to reduce the sense of hunger, to promote weight loss in a healthy and natural way, stimulates intestinal microflora, reduces bad cholesterol.

✔️ Reduces the sense of hunger.
✔️ Promotes weight loss if supported in slimming diets.
✔️ Reduces intestinal transit time in healthy subjects.
✔️ Regularize bowel movements.
✔️ Increase pancreatic secretions.
✔️ It hinders harmful substances passing through the intestines.
✔️ Lower glycemic peak after meals.
✔️ Stimulates intestinal microflora.
✔️ Reduces bad cholesterol.
✔️ Supports colon health.
✔️ Plasma lipid reduction.

This supplement is included in the Slimming KIT

Contents: Powder 250 grams (powder).
Properties: Improves colon health, increases the sense of satiety. Useful to lose weight and support in slimming diets.
Main Ingredients: Psyllium, Guar, FOS.
Dosage: 5 grams before main meals. Total 10 grams per day.

AloeFibra Supplement: Properties and Efficacy

Natural supplement useful for regularizing the colon and for reducing the sense of hunger thanks to the active ingredients of constituents such as: Psyllium, FOS, Guar .

Psyllium is indicated for the regularity of intestinal transit with an emollient and lenitive action (digestive system) resulting in normal volume and consistency of stools.

Useful for the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, and has a prebiotic effect. In synergy with Guar it helps modulate/limit the absorption of nutrients and facilitate the sense of satiety.

AloeFibra, how to use it?
The recommended dose is 10 g per day (about 2 teaspoons) to be taken
before main meals and dividing this dose into two administrations (5g.+5g.).

Preparation procedure: Add 5 g (one teaspoon) of powder to a glass of water (non-carbonated), fruit juice, or liquid foods (hot or cold), mix until the powder is completely dissolved. The solution will tend to gel so hurry up and drink it when it is still quite liquid.
Drink the entire amount quickly, avoiding sipping for a long time as it could gel.

Ingredients per daily dose (10 gr.): Psyllium (Plantago Ovata F.) seed, peel, powder 5.130 g; Guar (Cyamopsi tetragonoloba) seed, powder 3.670 g; fructo-oligosaccharides FOS 93% powder 1,200g (equal to 1,116 g of fructo-oligosaccharides).
Warnings: In some subjects it could have laxative effects, in case of reducing the indicated dose, do not take during pregnancy, lactation or in case of allergy to the ingredients. Drink plenty of water during the treatment. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Keep away from light in a cool and dry place.
Conservation instructions: Store away from light, in a cool, dry place.
Registration: Product included in the Register of supplements of the Ministry of Health under code no. 84220. Packaged in an authorized pharmaceutical laboratory.


Our texts are for informational purposes, they are not intended as an indication of diagnosis and treatment of pathological states and are not intended to replace the opinion of the doctor in any way. Read the warnings on the label.

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