Santé Naturels Pure Curcumin - 90 capsules 450mg. Active ingredient only

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Curcumin Purissima Santé Vegetable Capsules: Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory.

Single ingredient 450 mg of active ingredient !

Antioxidant: Protects cells from the effects of free radicals.
Anti-inflammatory: Reduces the enzymes involved in the development of the inflammatory reaction.

Bactericidal action.
Prevention of aging and oxidative diseases such as cataracts.
Management of osteoarthritis and arthritic disease.
Prevention of neurogenerative diseases.
Detoxification of toxic substances.

Curcumin what it is, properties and efficacy

The extract, curcumin, is the main one among the curcuminoids present in the turmeric and is regarded as its most active therapeutic component.

The pure extract content constitutes about 2-3% normally found in turmeric.

More than 9,000 scientific studies have been conducted on curcumin , especially in recent years, making it the most studied natural compound in the world.

Recommended by

Dr. Gabriele Mammana

Contents: 90 vegetable capsules of 450 mg of active ingredient only.
Feature: Single ingredient, no other ingredients, pure curcumin (active ingredient).
How to use: It is recommended to take 2 capsules a day with meals. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
How long can it be taken?: You can always take this supplement if you want.


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