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Santé Naturels® Anti-Aging Kit
Save 15%

Kit designed to counteract the signs of aging, stay young, have a bright and vital skin, with a plumping action.

Spirulina Face Serum:
Extraordinary antioxidant that stimulates stem cells, useful for promoting skin renewal.

Spirulina Balancing Cleansing Milk:
It moisturizes and increases the plasticity of the skin, creating a natural barrier against external agents.

Balancing Face Toner:
Moisturising, stimulating and regenerating action.

Vitamin C Rosehip in Capsules:
Prevents the formation of wrinkles, improves the beauty of the skin.

It decreases the effects of stress and fights tiredness.

Pinomar Pycnogenol capsules:
Indicated for the health of the joints, their mobility and flexibility.

How to use the products in the Anti-aging Kit

SPIRULINA FACE SERUM Apply a thin layer twice a day, massaging gently.

SPIRULINA BALANCING CLEANSING MILK: Apply a veil of cleansing milk to the face, morning and evening, massaging lightly from the forehead with clockwise rotational movements. Remove the residue with a cotton ball.

SPIRULINA BALANCING TONIC Apply a thin layer of tonic, morning and evening, on the face and décolleté, massaging lightly with the fingertips, starting from the forehead, with clockwise circular movements avoiding direct contact with the eyes.

VITAMIN C ROSEHIP: 3 capsules per day total: 1 before breakfast, 1 before lunch, 1 before dinner. (Pack duration 33 days).

MAGNESIUM: The recommended dose is about 3 grams per day to be taken orally, preferably divided into several administrations, dissolving it in water or other beverage.

PINOMAR PYCNOGENOL CAPSULES: The recommended dose is 2 capsules a day, preferably with meals (1+1).


Our texts are for informational purposes, they are not intended as an indication of diagnosis and treatment of pathological states and are not intended to replace the opinion of the doctor in any way. Read the warnings on the label.

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