Spirulina Hawaii Powder Smoothies and Culinary Preparations

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Hawaiian spirulina powder 100 grams, for food use. Ideal for imaginative and healthy smoothies.

Hawaiian spirulina powder 100 grams, for food use. Ideal for imaginative and healthy smoothies. Cultivated in a pristine environment in the warm sun of the Hawaiian Islands.

Excellent source of energy.
Counteracts physical and mental stress.
Useful for athletes, physical and concept workers, students.
Strengthens the hair by reducing its loss.
Important source of vitamins of group B and A.
High iron content: contrasts anemia and aging.
Precious ally of eye health and vision.
Useful support in slimming diets.
It does not add calories.

Contents: 100 grams of very fine Hawaiian Spirulina powder.
Properties: Energizing, Immunostimulant, Antioxidant, Vitaminizing.
Feature: Grown in the Hawaiian Islands - No Chinese. No GMOs.
How to use: For food use.

Spirulina Benefits and Properties

You can use Hawaiian Spirulina Powder in the kitchen, having fun with a thousand culinary preparations. It also lends itself well to making excellent healthy and energizing smoothies.

Below you can download the recipe ebook that we have made available free of charge to all our customers and visitors.
Send us your personal recipe based on our Spirulina Powder, accompanied by photos, we will send you a surprise as a reward.


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